Cambridge Hog Roast Menus ... succulent meals

Spit Roast

Includes choice of Pig, Lamb or Turkey.
Also includes: Rolls, napkins, food table, white linen table spreads.

Spit Roast Pricelist

Ox or Deer Roast

Also includes: Rolls, paper plates, plastic cutlery, napkins, food table, white linen table spreads.

Ox & Deer Pricelist

Wide range of Salads and Vegetarian options

Waldorf Salad, Tomato and Red Onion Salad, Cucumber and Spring Onion Salad, Potato Salad, New Potato and Mint Salad, Sliced Mixed Peppers Salad, Sundried Pasta Salad, Vegatable Quiches plus many, many more...

Salad Prices per head


A list of seasonal desserts from cheesecakes to fresh tarts, something chocolatey, something fruity, the choice is yours!

Dessert Pricelist


Traditional Barbeque with selection of fresh meats, kebabs, burgers, sausages all cooked on charcoal.
Also includes: Rolls, napkins, sauces, paper plates, plastic cutlery, food tables, white linen table spreads.

Barbeque Pricelist